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I love football, who doesn’t right? Communists, exactly. Anyway, I also love fantasy football. I’m in like 4 leagues this year, which got me thinking, if we had a PoWM fantasy draft who would be the 2nd overall pick? I mean, obviously Willy the Pimp is going #1. That’s a no-brainer. But who’s next? Let me hear your thoughts.


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It’s Not A Tumor!

Hey Arnold, I think your car might have a tumor. What do you think?

North Carolina

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WWIB: Sperm Donors

In this exhilarating bout of Who Wears It Better: Selfless Acts Edition, we’ve got a toe-curling battle between two generous donors. So that begs the question, which one would you let give you a charitable donation?

Arizona & Florida

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Caption Contest!

What’s up there Highlander? Simmer down on the presentation effect! But what I want to know is what’s really going on here? Maybe I’ll get a better idea if we have a caption contest!! Ahhhhh!!!! Whoooo! In my head I announce that shit like Oprah giving away free crap and you all love it. Anyway, make me proud. Funniest caption wins our new book People of Walmart: Of The People, By The People, For The People. Entries must be in by noon EST Monday.


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