Front Or Back?

Is that back camel-toe? Holy bajeeebus! Throw some back titties on this one and you’ve got yourself a person…still a gross person, but a gross back-person.


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Princess Pony

You can call me a dick, but I’m not really feeling too bad for our girl here. Sure, there are all kinds of things piled on top of her and behind her, but they are all toys for her! Baby girl is getting straight hooked up. Maybe I’m just pissed because I’m too old to play with LEGOs.


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Starships Were Meant To Fly

You wanna blame someone for this? BlameĀ Nikki Minaj, she is inspiring all the girls to dress like whores from the future.


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By The People

I noticed your book, “People of Walmart” at Barnes & Noble today. A Barnes & Noble that is in a shopping mall that is — right next to a Walmart.

So while I’m briefly browsing the book, a couple with a baby in a stroller happen along the aisle. The father was wearing a red t-shirt that had the words “Hail Satan Motherf*cker” (without the asterisks) on the back, and the mother was wearing skimpy little shorts with legs that one typically only sees on out of shape football players or professional wrestlers.

And they proceed to crouch down, take the baby out of the stroller, and change its diaper right there. This despite the fact that Barnes & Noble has restrooms with baby changing stations.

The irony of what I was reading and what I was seeing was not lost on me, and it seems the “People of Walmart” are spreading…

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