I’m Messing With You Guys!

Our pals over at LateNightMistakes.com would just love you! They constantly feature a “Hot Mess” and you literally have it written all over you. Although, I’m starting to think it would be the poor guy that’s making a “late night mistake”, but that’s a different story.


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The Claw

Is declawing a human a thing? Can you hire someone to do that? Oh they sell nail clippers for home use that cost next to nothing? I just assumed it couldn’t be that easy if someone had nails like this.


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I Spy With My Eye

U-Hauls are for suckers that can’t drive with perfect balance…Now kill a few hours playing I Spy with your coworkers.


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WWIB: Bottom Dwellers

I ate and drank like a fool on Labor Day and I hope you did the same. However, I can’t pass up a delicious bottom biscuit no matter how full I still am! So which of these two lovely bottom biscuits would you force yourself to labor through?

North Carolina

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