Super Mario

Those bricks aren’t spitting out as many coins as they use to in Super Mario World, huh? I guess the next best place for an Italian plumber is Walmart as I’m sure there are plenty of hunchback turtles he could find to jump on.

Also, please don’t Instagram you damn pictures before you send them in. You aren’t a 15 year old girlĀ duck-facing, knock the shit off.


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WWIB: Spicy Southwest

Now I live in the south where biscuits have been perfected, but I have a hunch the southwest has their own spicy spin on some bottom biscuits like the ones we got here. What I need to know is who bakes ’em better?

Oklahoma & Texas

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The Great Pumpkins

She is either shoplifting those pumpkins or those are real and she can’t sleep on her stomach.


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The Garbage Pile

You know what my favorite part of hoarding is? Playing eye-spy. I’ll start….I spy with my little eye, a mild case of depression and self-hatred….your turn! Fun fun.


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