WWIB: White Out

You know, for awhile there I thought the color white represented what was pure and light and goodness. Now I will never think those thoughts about anything ever again. This edition of “Who Wears It Better?” white-washed my dreams.

California & Colorado

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What Up Gangsta?

I can’t really tell if that’s a clown or a member of some new weird female gang. Either way, I’m not sticking around to find out because I don’t want to be shot with bullets or seltzer water.


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Hardley Noticeable

What? Motorcycles are just penis extensions anyway right? Might as well have the “balls” to admit it right? Holy geez I’m on fire like NBA Jam today!

North Carolina

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Charmin Ultra Soft

Looks like she just got done playing a round of golf at….TPC! Right? TPC? TP – C. Like “see”! Get it? Hot damn I crack myself up. Cause TPC has great golf courses. She has TP hanging out. TP-C? Huh? You know what, it’s early on a Monday, leave me alone.


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