The Tasmanian Devil

It appears as though Mr. Clean and Troy Polamalu had a creepy love-child.


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Lunch Time

I don’t care which side of the public breast feeding fence you are on I think we can all agree that when the kid is old enough to stop halfway through his feeding and light up a cigar it’s probably time to stop. Oh and just in case there is any confusion, I’m on the side of the fence where I don’t see your kids sucking on your titty while I pick up condoms at Walmart. Too ironic for me.


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Will You Marry Me?

I haven’t proposed to a lucky lady yet so I can’t say for sure, but I think it’s customary to wait more than 4 seconds after you buy the ring to put it on. That’s just an educated feeling I have, although to be fair if she said “no” then returning it would be pretty easy.


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Don’t Forget To Stretch

You know what, I’m okay with this. In fact, this is the type of limo high school kids should be taking to the prom. Don’t make your parents shell out a bunch of money for that new Hummer limo, you drive a piece of shit to school everyday anyway, just because you show up one day in a limo isn’t going to change that fact.


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Three Ring Focus

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