Lookin’ Horny

What is going on (or how little is going on) in your life that you hit a point where you decide to grow your fingernails this long? Who wants fingernails that curl like ram horns? Fricking weird as hell and literally serves zero purpose.

New Jersey

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WWIB: Sh*t Happens

In this edition of ‘Who Wears It Better’ the secret ingredient is shit. Who wears shit better? Not really anything else I can say about that. Besides that it’s gonna be the shit.


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You Know You Can’t Raise Your Voice Like That When The Lion’s Here

This long hair thing is becoming an epidemic around here! At first I wasn’t sure how it could get worse, then I see you’ve turned your stinky gross hair into a lion’s tail and now it’s even weirder.


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The Obama Van

Obama is giving away cars now too?!?! Damn I thought I was missing out by not getting an Obama phone but now that I see this I’m actually kinda glad I don’t get anything.

North Carolina

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Three Ring Focus

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