Party Like It’s 1999



So what kind of crazy shenanigans are you party animals getting into? I’m fairly confident that these two ladies would let almost anyone into their clubs to celebrate the new year.

California & Pennsylvania

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Where’s The Beef?


Sir, for the last time, we are not Hickory Farms and will not accept your request to return this summer sausag…..OMG!


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Hey Tex


Really? You love the state of Texas that much? Man, I hope someone tattoos RGIII taking a shit on your head this weekend.


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That Escalated Quickly


Look like she actually got a partridge in a pear tree for Christmas. But on a more important note, how the hell did I not know a double-decker Walmart existed in this country? I see those escalators and I need to know if those are indeed a stairway to heaven or if Walmart really does sell everything and it’s just an escalator for sale.


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