WWIB: Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders


If there is anything sexier than some old saggy titties in a plain white bra, I haven’t found it….I know it’s tough to chose, but I’m forcing you to pick “Who Wears It Better?” in this Victoria Secret From The 1920’s Edition!

Missouri & Pennsylvania

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A Little Slap & Pickle


You don’t need to be Sigmund Freud to spot the daddy issues here.


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Eat Mor Chikin


Say what you want about their views on Sunday business, all I’m saying is Chick-fil-a is killing it with their marketing. Love their guerrilla marketing here! Thanks lady, I will go eat more chicken…’cause it’s delicious.


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Jesus Loves Peppermint


Of course Jesus would park his van at Walmart, because he probably saw our site and realized he could cut down on time and save soooo many souls in one place!


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