I Said….Biiiiiiiitch


Looks like we got ourselves a couple of bitches here that just love to bitch about other bitches. Also, my dog is a bitch and I can’t really think of any other ways to use the word bitch…bitch.


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So do you think this vehicle runs on…..fossil fuel? Ehhh ohhh! Put another awesome pun up on the board!!!


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The Pickup Artist

Alright people, we haven’t given anything away for a while so let’s change that. Funniest pickup line wins either a copy of our new book or calendar, your choice. GOOOOOOOO!

Ohio & Washington

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14 Days ‘Til Christmas

Snoop-a-Loop! Bring your Santa hat because we are 2 weeks away from Christmas everyone! I haven’t even started my shopping yet, what about you guys?


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