Exit Only

This looks like one hell of a dramatic exit. Almost poetic in it’s beauty…ignoring the big exposed ass of course.


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The Tough Guys

We were standing in line at the checkout behind 2 larger women wearing dirty pajamas and a man in ‘gangster’ clothes all in there mid twenties. We overheard them talking about how tough they were and how these people looked like they wanted to fight; and they were “getting all up in their sh*t” (We had no idea who they were talking about and didn’t pay much attention). One of the women states that she will go ask them if they want to fight in the parking lot. She gets out of the line and walks across to a group of girls who could not have been older than 12 or 13 also in line buying clothes and makeup. She marches up to them and asks rudely with a lot of obscenities if they wanted to fight. To which the terrified girls replied no. The women returned to our line calling them “sissies” and “b*tches” for not wanting to fight. You look really tough trying to fight 12 year olds now don’t you…

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Merry Pimpmas

Merry Christmas bitches. While you’re out shopping Willy the Pimp is putting his candy cane in your wife’s stocking and there ain’t shit you can do about it. Holla!


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What’s A ZJ?

You see that folks, that’s smart business right there. You lure them in with the promise of free stuff and then once you got them in your store you make ’em pay for what they want. I mean, I can tell you I’ve personally paid well over $70 to give someone a BJ…wait, what? Ignore that last part.


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Three Ring Focus

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