WWIB: Wrappin’ With Reynolds

Get with the times people! Aluminum foil is no longer used to just wrap up old pizza. In today’s world, we can pretty much put anything on our bodies and call it fashionable. So are you leaning towards rocking the winged hat or the full body suit?


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Droppin’ Trou

Excuse me sir, can you sign this for me? With the pen, not your cock. Thanks.


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School Of Hard Rock

A picture of someone taking a picture for PoWM. Did I just blow your mind? Inception….Seriously though, this ride is crazy and I feel like it’s doing weird stuff to my soul.

New Jersey

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WWIB: Hulking

Ohhh snap! We’ve got quite the battle in today’s Who Wears It Better: Mid-Hulk Rip Edition. Now you are probably asking yourself “By mid-Hulk rip, does he mean big green Hulk ripping his clothes or Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt off?” and the answer is yes.

Louisiana & Pennsylvania

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