Yo Tengo El Gato Los Pantalones


I can’t wait to hit that point of f*ck it when you are out in public, realize you forgot your pants, and then literally do not care and continue shopping for Folder’s Original. I envy you my friend.


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The Puck Stops Here


Yes! Hell yes! Hockey is back mother truckers! I haven’t been this excited since I found out those red bumps weren’t herpes…whoa, getting off track here. Point is, I love hockey. I mean, the Devils can suck it but whatever, hockey is back and I’m happy, honestly could give 2 shits if you don’t like the sport.

New Jersey

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Smokin’ That Koosh


You know what were really cool? Koosh balls. You know what’s not cool? Looking like a human Koosh ball.


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Taxi Cab Confessions


Oh, I see you’re into role playing. How about you try playing the role of someone who doesn’t look like a slut for money when you’re outside of the Angry Beaver or whatever funny named strip club you work at?

North Carolina

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