The Redneck Tuxedo


Bad news: I can still see what you’re wearing. Only smart thing you did there was try to camouflage it. “Wait, but it’s stupid because it’s camouflaged.” – Ahhh now you’re catching on. We can play the chicken and the egg game all day long bud.


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I Know You See It


I’d bet you 10 to 1 those didn’t start off as see-through yoga pants. But hell, if you could stretch a brick wide enough you’ll eventually be able to see through it.

New Jersey

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One & Only


Ms. Screws! Ohh thank God. For a minute there I thought this other dirty slut was Ms. Screws, but then I checked for the label and realized she was not the one and only.


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Dirty Diana


Ohhh hot diggity dog. She is a dirty gal and she isn’t afraid to show it! Single file line gentlemen…Oh, nobody’s lining up. Well then, nevermind.

South Carolina

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