War Is Not The Answer


I’m just curious what a hippie in 2013 does? I mean, I’m sure they’re bitching about something but is anyone taking them serious anymore? Do they still do marches in D.C. but nobody notices because they’re only about the size of a tour group right now?


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The Self Checkout


Just a bitter reminder that most of the no-pants pictures we get sent in aren’t fun to look at. So yeah, you guys get to suffer too!

New York

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Knuckle Up


So this fine young man was recently banned from Walmart. Apparently there was some alcohol involved, I’ll give you a minute to recover from that shocking bit of information…Then he decided to tattoo Walmart on his knuckles, because that’s what badasses do. On a completely related note, for a better glimpse into this thought process, take some time off work to drink moonshine.


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Yeah I guess it’s not quite “bluetooth” but let’s be honest here, he doesn’t look that much more ridiculous than the people that actually use bluetooth.


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