Rise & Shine!


It’s time to wake up my little Walcreatures! Let’s get out of those ducky and teddy bear onesies and make an attempt to contribute to society today, shall we? Honestly, that doesn’t even look like comfortable sleeping attire, let alone something I would share with the public.

Alabama & Texas

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Cat Scratch Fever


It’s easy to make it a cat car when you don’t have a husband or kids or friends to spend money on.


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How Are You Celebrating Abe Lincoln’s Birthday?


Happy Birthday! Thanks for the penny, log cabins, log toys, the Town Car, a town in Nebraska, Matthew McConaughey as a lawyer, the Park (all of them), killing all those vampires, and freeing slaves. Anything else I forgot, my bad. Sick beard by the way.


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Uncle Sam’s Widow


I feel so unpatriotic by comparison to this lady that I’m just gonna go ahead and water-board myself.


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