The Hog Parlor


That’s weird, she usually never lets you put your hog in her trunk….huh? Right? No? Little too vulgar? Okay, that’s on me. My bad.


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WWIB: We’re International


We’ve got ourselves a bilingual battle in this Who Wears It Better: International Ass-cracks Edition. Okay, sure the guy in Canada probably speaks English too and Canada isn’t that far away, but you never know, those friendly Canucks could be up to something we’d never expect.

Canada & Missouri

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Poodle Doodle Doo


You look like a poodle. There isn’t much more I can say really. Your hair reminds me of a poodle and that’s funny to me.


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2 For 1


Stop listening to those new AT&T commercials. Sometimes 2 is not better than 1. I mean, yeah technically here at PoWM, two weird ass hairstyles are better than one, but still, for your specific situation it does not hold true.

Florida & Georgia

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