The Walking Dead


Dude, you look like you’re entire life is based upon preparing yourself for your police mugshot. Seriously, you look like the local creeper that gets hired to do some scummy ass shit in a movie but ultimately fails because you’re too dumb to do it right.


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Strictly Business


I have to assume that in his culture, the length of the skullet shows a sign of power and prestige because in the culture I live in, called the real world, it’s a big neon sign that says “avoid this dude”.


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Like My Daddy


Sometimes “like father like son” is a horrible idea and someone should step in and do something about it.

North Carolina

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Illegal Scootin’


An Indianapolis man might have thought he was just minding his own business today when he was cruising along Ind. 135 in Johnson County.

The only problem — well, there were several — was that he was driving a small motorized shopping scooter, police said, that could barely be seen by other motorists.

He was northbound in the southbound lanes.

At 3:49 a.m.

And the scooter, police said, did not belong to him but rather was the property of an area Walmart store.

Yet another problem: When police stopped the scooter, they noticed its operator – Marcus Earl Degraphenreed, 27 – had glassy eyes and seemed to be disoriented. Degraphenreed failed followup field sobriety tests, a police report states.

When a Johnson County sheriff’s deputy saw an “in-store use only” sign on the scooter normally used by disabled customers, he asked Degraphenreed where he got it. The man replied simply that he found it, a police report states. He did not specify where he found it.

Police arrested the man on preliminary charges of theft and driving under the influence. He was taken to Johnson Memorial Hospital for a blood draw.

The Amigo brand motorized scooter was returned to the Walmart store at County Line Road and Emerson Avenue in Greenwood.

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