Party, Party, Party


You know what the best part about a skullet is? It still says “party in the back” but it says “f*ck business in the front, I’m here to party.”

Montana & Pennsylvania

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WWIB: Skirting The Issue


I never thought I’d say a skirt was too short, but I guess when you finally stop being a mega horny 13 year old boy you learn to value a sense of dignity. Sure it might have taken me another 10 or so years after turning 13 but eventually most boys will hit that understanding. So which mini-skirt would you hide under the gym bleachers to peek at?


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Oh, Tangerine


Orange you glad I came to brighten up your morning?


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Remember how you were just saying you don’t get enough cheetah print? Well I guess it’s your lucky day because it looks like we found the creepy van those ladies cruise around in!….Seriously though, I hope your van gets attacked by a large truck dressed like a lion.


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