WWIB: Cheetah Girls


Why are people obsessed with cheetah print? Seriously, am I the only one that realizes past the age of 8 it’s just a ridiculous thing to have? You either look like a stripper or a weirdo and neither of those are good options.

Georgia & Canada

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Lip Smackin’


I’m glad you’re already covered in kisses because I don’t think I’d put my lips near you even if it would cure cancer.


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That’s Mr. Squarepants To You


Nothing to see here, just a few old men wearing Spongebob hats. I mean, I guess we can do a “Who Wears It Better?” but with sideburns that touch his nipples, is this even really a contest?


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Bean Baggin’


I’m gonna recommend this dad over to our friends at TheProudParents.com! Dude is just killing it with kid comfort and shopping efficiency! Safety is not his strongest asset here, but you gotta give and take somewhere ya know!


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