Hakuna Matata


I’m super excited you hate your real life so you have to jump into this imaginary one where you get to frolic with Simba all day! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get to my job so that I can earn a living and pay taxes because my parents haven’t decided to support me until I’m 30 so I can “find my true self”.


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i am not going to this site anymore everytime i look at a picture then i have to look at obamas face. He is the worse president ever unless you are a minority and want everything for free. which is why he was re-elected. your site sucks

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Beach Please


Hey all you wannabe Jersey Shore girls take a look at that, her tattoos still look crazy good in a bikini so now you can take this picture and show it to all those haters out there that tell you you’ll look like a colored raisin when your leathery tanned tattooed ass gets older. You’ll show em!


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I Dare You To Touch His Boob


Typically you have to drop a pretty penny to be able to get a peep show like this but we here at PoWM know how hard it is to get back to work on Mondays so we’ll cover the bill and just consider this a gift from us to you….a big hairy side-titty gift. You’re welcome.

South Carolina

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