WWIB: Cutie Patootie


PoWM isn’t all about the gross and obscene, sometimes we can ignore the safety implications and just get lost in some adorable little kids! This is actually a “Who Wears It Better?” that I think will pick up everyone’s day. I shall dub this edition “Super Hella Cute Kids”!

Kentucky & Oklahoma

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T-Bag The D-Bag


Boots, colors, undies, thongs, suns-out-guns-out, headbands, tilted caps, YOLO fo sho and if this isn’t enough for you then remember to get your daily dose of douche over at Dbagging.com.


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Battle Royale


Well just from my first impression, I’ll have to assume that shirt started off as a whole shirt and gangs of good looking male Hollister models fought each other over you and in the melee they ripped your shirt to get a peek at those back boobs.


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WWIB: Baby So Real


Can we do a “Who Wears It Better?” for fake babies? Judges?….The judges have decided that even though these women think they’re real, since the babies are in fact fake babies we can consider them an “accessory” and that is good enough to do a WWIB. So they’re all yours.

Florida & Tennessee

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