Cracking Down


Ohh c’mon buddy, you know there are solutions to this plumber’s crack epidemic! Haven’t you seen the commercial for the Duluth Trading t-shirts? Its literally a step by step tutorial on how to help you help us.

South Carolina

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Chubby Chaser


Well at least we’ve finally started to properly label our misguided tattoos now.


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Adult Dress Up


Okay, so I originally thought we finally had a front pic of this previous post so we could allow you to properly identify your doctor or other respected community member, but upon further inspection we now have a spreading trend of grown ass men wearing lavish little girl dresses. Keep your eyes on alert people. You’ve been warned and that’s all I’m prepared to do at this point.

South Carolina

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Poop & Co.


There is a shit on the floor. I was going to do a “Who Wears It Better?” or whatnot, but that’s not gonna happen. The more I think of it at least this dude tried (quite unsuccessfully) to cover up and fix his accident. The other one is simply a shit on the floor and I can’t have that.

North Carolina & Virginia

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Three Ring Focus

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