In The Hot Florida Bum


“Pants are for suckers that play by the man’s rules.” – Is something I assume this man or woman might say. Man? I wanna say man. But I could be persuaded woman. You know what, “man” final answer.



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WWIB: Long Lost Father & Son


Reuniting long lost father & sons…It’s what we do here at PoWM. Well, I mean we also make fun of them, but in the process we unite them. It’s like the Maury show; underneath the laughing there is a “family” and a purpose. At least that’s what I tell myself so I can sleep at night.

Florida & Georgia

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If You Ain’t Cheatin’


Does cheating on someone ever work out well? Seriously everyone, if I’ve learned anything from the show Cheaters your significant other will find you at a Walmart parking lot with that new skank, there will be a fight, and something will get broken.


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Just Shake Your Rump!


If I got those bottom biscuits for breakfast it would end up ruining my dinner! Not because there is so much but because I just don’t think I can stomach eating for a day or so now.


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