It’s All Been A Pack Of Lies!


Public humiliation as a parenting tactic is making a comeback! We’ve seen this a few times at one of our other sites ProudParents.com. So what do you guys think? Too harsh and embarrassing?


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Two Feet Deep In Cheerios


Well here is a game I didn’t think I’d have to play ever since that awful awful day…”Who Hides Their Child Better?”


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WWIB: Hearts & Stripes


There is just something about crazy pants that strikes a cord with me. Maybe because unlike a wacky t-shirt you have to go that extra mile to find some bizarre ones and still make that conscious effort to buy them, and most of the time those doing so are not doing it ironically. Anyway, do you guys love America or want to hit on the Queen of Hearts?

Pennsylvania & South Carolina

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The Local Swimming Hole


It’s swimsuit season everybody so get yourself prepared for Walmart to look like your local swimming pool and bathroom selfies to get weirder!


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