Just out of curiosity, where would winning a Walmart hot dog eating contest stand on your list of accomplishments?


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Suns Out Buns Out


What? Sometimes spoiled babies like to get their diaper changed on the top floor balcony sun deck because they like how the sun warms up their tushy. Don’t hate him ’cause his shit skyscrapes while your shit Danny Devito.


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Walking The Dog


Wow! Few things here. (1) Dude, you’re a little bitch and a complete embarrassment to all men. (2) Keep your little sexual role playing in the privacy of your home. You don’t see me walking around Walmart with a belt tied around my neck and a lit candle sticking out of my ass….I mean, what? Ignore that last part. Just knock it off.


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If You’re Hot, I’m Bothered


I’m not sure she can grasp the irony of the fact that if those two words are clearly visible back there then it is probably wrong.


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