WWIB: #WalmartSelfies


What is my generations greatest accomplishment right now? Walmart dressing room selfies. #GodHelpUsAll #UseMoreBirthControl #Hashtags


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Breast Wishes


Sometimes people ask us why we created this website….this is why. This is the pinnacle of why we do this. I feel like my entire life has just been leading up to this amazing picture and I’m just happy to share this moment with the rest of you. Especially those of you that are old men with nice big titties!


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Candy Land Gone Bad


Sometimes there can be an overkill of sweetness and innocence to the point where it turns creepy and demonic.


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My Little Pony


That’s weird, usually when a guy in a truck approaches me in the parking lot and asks if I want to see his “Little Pony” I typically think of something else. Yet, somehow this is just as creepy.


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Three Ring Focus

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