WWIB: American Bad Ass


It took the decision makers here at PoWM quite a long time to determine if we could even hold this match-up of who is the bigger badass in fear that all of you would piss yourselves in fear at work or at home or wherever you are right now. Anyway, I have some clout around here so I pulled some strings and got them approved for you.


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The Walmart Bigot


You have 2 dudes making out on your shirt and yet that’s not they gayest thing you have on. Seriously, those hard nips and that fanny pack are the real sins bud.


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Infiltrate The Subconscious


It appears that the mouth on your shorts is eating your shorts while your ass eats those shorts…Walmart Inception…


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Replacing The Strings


That’s like the grandaddy of all whale tails! I was going to say Moby Dick, but I don’t think a dick would want to be anywhere near that thing. Ehhhhh ohhhhh! Put it on the board!!!!


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