Extreme Coupin’


Personally, I find this extreme couponing absolutely ridiculous and the tv shows ruined regular coupons for the rest of us. Let’s spend 19 hours finding coupons and cutting them out and organizing them and researching stores and blah blah blah. So let’s say you save $100 on one go around, great for you. Personally my time is worth more than all that hassle….That being said, kudos to this lady for knowing who she is and saving the rest of us a headache.


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WWIB: F It All


Should we even do a ‘Who Wears It Better’? Is that even applicable? I guess it’s more like ‘Who’s Hit The Point Of F*ck It’?


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Life In Color


Normally this cashier would be freaked the hell out…but she works at Walmart buddy. Gonna have to do a whole lot more than that to register more than an eyebrow raise out of this ol’ gal.


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My Body Too Bootylicious For You Baby


Ok I’m sick of this so I’m gonna set the record straight…if you can fit the constitution on your ass it’s too big for cute booty word sayings.


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