Do The Skanky Leg


Now everybody do the skanky leg, yaaa the skanky leg. Oh oh oh I said the skanky leg…whoops! Sorry, sometimes I get all excited and lose my head.

Arizona & New Jersey

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Nice Melons


Sir, nobody here is fooled. Clearly you are trying to smuggle those cantaloupes out without paying for them. Oh and you also have a penis, so act like it.

South Dakota

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Evening Out


Whoa, whoa, whoa, before you guys get all “judgey” on this guy, maybe we should acknowledge that he is trying to do something about that farmers tan…inside. At a Walmart. Okay, you know what, the only thing shorter than those shorts is the line for ladies trying to get some of that hair line.


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WWIB: Frog Vs. Smurf


If people don’t notice you, then make them notice you. Well my colorful children, you’ve got our attention and now we will let you know “Who Wears It Better?”, the Frog Princess or Mr. Yolo.

Rhode Island

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