WWIB: Dude Looks Like A Lady


Is there anything better in the world than bro titties? Oh there is? Like a billion things? Really a billion? Ohh, ok. Well then, ignore that statement and when you’re done with all those other things then maybe you can circle back and enjoy some bro titties.

Arizona & California

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Can You Hear Me Now?


Because if she didn’t get enough of your attention with her dirty dreads/afro puff combo or a Geisha fan then she’ll make sure you turn your focus to her with the bull horn. Basically, do yourself a favor and just look for a minute then run.


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Let’s Play A Game


It must be that time of year when the People of Walmart bust out their favorite backless shirts that look like moths destroyed since the previous summer. We are gonna throw a little curveball at you on this one. One of these fine specimens is a dude. Can you guess which one? Yeah probably, it’s really not that difficult. It was fun playing though, right? No? We are morons? Well, yes, yes we are.


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Girl, Look At That Body


To be fair, I basically say those women bodybuilders look like men anyway so I suppose a muscle man with some femininity is basically the same thing. Wonder if GirlsInYogaPants.com agrees?

New York

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