‘Til Donuts Do Us Part


I now pronounce you lazy and settling.


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Reverse Ninja Boot


This is where I feel like a hypocrite. I want to smash on you for wearing suspenders with gym shorts, but if you didn’t then I’d likely slam on you for your pants falling off your ass. So my friend, you find yourself in what is commonly referred to as a catch 22 and I find myself not really feeling the least bit bad for you.


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Going Ham


What? You think the NSA can’t get into radio signals? Shiiiiiit, you got another thing coming buddy.


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WWIB: Booty Booty Booty


Booty shorts come in many colors, shapes & sizes (typically even in sizes that they shouldn’t) and we here at PoWM do what we can to celebrate them. Of course by celebrate I mean laugh at and ridicule. Which is where you guys come in.


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