The Mobile Billboard


Sometimes direct advertising works. Personally I’m curious as to why the hooker industry doesn’t use more billboard advertising. Frankly it would clear up some confusion for the horny creepers that aren’t 100% sure that girl wearing nothing but a leopard thong, heels and a tube top is in fact a prostitute.

New Jersey

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Between the hair and the shredded spandex I’m not really sure what you got girl but I’ll tell you what you don’t got. You don’t got it going on! – Do people still say that or did that die out in the 90’s? If they don’t, I’m bringing it back.


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Summer Santa


Thanks a lot global warming.


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WWIB: Poppin’ Buttons


Tight pants. The sacrifice you women make to look good for us mangy ass men. However, it gets to a point where you’ve actually gone too tight and it has an adverse effect. Take for instance these two. I’m worried pants get torn and buttons go flying. Looking like proper circulation is a problem is not hot.

Louisiana & Pennsylvania

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