Someone’s Got To Be Hard


What the hell did we do? You’re the one wearing a helmet and buying Mike’s Hard Lemonade and we’re the ones getting cursed at?!?! Something is not right here guy that looks like a Jackass cast member in 20 years.


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Tow Me


It’s stuff like this that keeps hope alive that the human race isn’t complete crap for me. Well done my friend.


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We were going to title this edition of Who Wears It Better as “Mississippi Mudbutts” since that’s where both photos were taken. But before I could think of anything to say I realized what a good band name that would be. So to all you aspiring musicians out there looking for a name for your new rip-off Mumford and Son band here you go and we expect 10%.


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Slight Discoloration


I can’t tell if the discoloration is from sunburn, your natural redneck or what little clothes you have cutting off circulation. All in all though, you’re going to fail.


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