Good Mooning!


It’s not often an ass is technically completely covered and yet still I feel like it’s being exposed to me. I’m going to chalk this up as the first time I’ve been mooned without someone dropping their pants.


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Stuck Up


Can I get a raise of hands on who didn’t get enough attention growing up? Oh, raise of hair will do just fine too, thank you sir.


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I’m Gonna Punch You With Kisses


Smoochie whoochie mother truckers. Who is gonna pucker up to these bottom biscuits?


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Pets Of Walmart


When is there ever a need to take your farm animal to Walmart? Geez! Maybe we should take a hint and start PetsofWalmart.com. That way Old MacDonald here won’t look so out of place!…Although, I’m not gonna lie, that little pig in a harness is adorable and I wanna play with him for like 20 seconds then go back to enjoying my BLT with extra B, hold the L & T.


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