Cruella de Vil: The Later Years


Listen, I don’t mean to ruin the legacy of a great childhood movie, but Cruella de Vil kinda went to shit after she lost the dogs.

New York

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Gold’s Gym Has Great Pastries


Listen old bro, when you feel like reminiscing on the 3 months you were cool in the 80’s please do it from your basement like the rest of the weirdos do.


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15 Cats & Counting


Hope you’re enjoying that Kia you crazy cat lady because there won’t be a “soul” around when you die by yourself on top of your piles of hoarded magazines and after 2 weeks those cats start eating you. Wow! I’m a Debbie Downer today. But seriously though, get rid of 99% of those cats, buy some Febreze and get some friends.


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Fresh Veggies


There have been double digit instances of children with bags on their heads at Walmart and we’ve got the photographic evidence to prove it. You would figure one would be enough for the few that didn’t know this was a bad idea to actually learn that it was. Here little Johnny play with this noose, I’ve got to pick out tonight’s dinner.


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