It’s called Christmas ornamenting. It’s the hottest new craze of putting goofy shit all over your head…Okay maybe I made that up, but I certainly hope it catches on.


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WWIB: Rump Roasts


Contrary to their name, shorts don’t always have to be soooo short. That’s a recipe for bottom biscuits everyday of the week. You guys decide which one you have to start your weekly consumption with.


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Lagging Behind


I don’t mean to point on the blatantly obvious, but I think he is having trouble keeping up because he is sucking in plastic as opposed to refreshing, live, nourishing air. Just one man’s opinion though.

New York

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Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle Of Rum!


The high-seas, rum, swordfights, walking the plank, talking parrots, cannon fights. Ohhh the life of a pirate. Unfortunately out of that list only rum seems reasonable to me in 2013. You enjoy your fantasy pirate world. I’m from Pittsburgh so we are living our fantasy Pirates right now with those first place Buccos!


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