Obey Your Thirst


Funny how it seems that as soon as you lose self-respect you gain belly shirts. Odd how it works out like that.


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WWIB: Regrettable Tattoos


Our boys over at WTFTattoos.com are probably gonna fall in love with these two gems, but before they get their turn we’ll ask you guys to pick which tattoo you’d want your lady to have and you ladies pick which you would get. Personally I’d take “Fuck all y’all” instead of “Child Support” for a few reasons. (1) now that I live in the south I like saying “y’all” and (2) it seems if I were back there (which I wouldn’t be) I’d see “child support” and that would be a nice reminder not to do what I was about to regret.


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Hands Down The Smelliest


Stinky hands: Seems worse if it comes from someone else’s ass rather than your own right? Kinda like farts I’d think.


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Paint It Black


Hmmm, I kinda thought gothic bottom biscuits would be burnt so they are black like everything else they wear.


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