America The (Not So) Beautiful


Union or Confederates doesn’t matter, America clearly won!


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In The News: Liquid Ass

Two men sprayed a mystery substance at a Texas Walmart on Sunday, leaving several people sick.

More than 100 customers and dozens of employees were evacuated from the store, located in Harris County west of Houston, at about 8:45 p.m. Four people were hospitalized, while numerous others suffered from breathing difficulties and a burning sensation in their eyes and throat, KHOU reported.

Walmart patron Ken Baptista told KHOU that he “saw people choking” and “heard somebody was mixing chemicals in there and throwing it in the area.”

Customer Oluwatoyin Iseyemi told KTRK that some people “were even throwing up.”

The two still-unidentified culprits are believed to be between the ages of 18 and 25. They fled the scene, but authorities believe surveillance footage caught them in the act. It’s yet unclear what the spray was or how harmful it is.

Mystery spray isn’t the only surprise danger to plague Walmart shoppers in the recent past. In February, a man was caught on tape throwing semen on women at a New Mexico Walmart on at least two separate occasions.

In March, a Maine family brought home a cake from Walmart only to discover there was a knife embedded in the layers of sugar and frosting.

Last year, a man at a Washington State Walmart was bitten by a rattlesnake that he mistook for a stick in the gardening section.

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Looking Good For Less


Nothing like some hairy tree trunks in heels! That looks about as natural as an Alex Rodriguez blood sample.


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WWIB: A Neon Glow


Neon has made quite the comeback. I hear it’s very popular with today’s intoxicated youth and their YOLOs and snapbacks and whatnot. Turns out, when you’re 20 years old with fit bodies neon doesn’t look too bad. Counter that with well above 20 and not so fit and this is the typical result. I know the youth wear it better, but between these two I can’t decide “Who Wears It Better?”


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