Hippie Momma


It’s tough to get mad at hippies. They have a lot of good ideas and points, unfortunately the rest of us realize those are never gonna catch on. And to be fair, if I were alive during that time of great music, better drugs and free sex I think I’d probably still be holding on to those days for dear life too. Anyway, peace & love hippie momma….is that an alien smoking a joint?


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Boots With The Furrrrr


I don’t get this whole dress up like an animated character thing. Why are the boots furry? Is this the new gothic? Is it some gothic/nerdy hybrid? Why do you hate your parents? Where do you even buy fuzzy boots? How did I get so old so quickly that I’m out of touch with today’s youth? Why am I happy about it? I need answers people!


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Look What The Cat Dragged In


I like to imagine a very, very large cat hacking away annoyingly for like 25 minutes trying to clear it’s throat until it finally unearthed what you have on your head.


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WWIB: Jelly Bellies


If there is one thing I love it’s some bare bellies bumping around in public. So in this battle of the sexes, which piece of eye candy do you find sweet enough to give you cavities?

West Virginia

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