Flippy Floppies


I made wooden triangle doorstops in shop class. Clearly you tried to be the brown-noser….and failed.


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Drop The Anchor


That’s odd, my ship just sank and I’m afraid it will never rise up to set sail ever again. Thanks a lot there S.S. Ho-bag.


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Whiskers, Cupcake, & Sparkle


In case anyone else was out there wondering what they could get tattooed on their body to let everyone know they are sad and lonely, the answer is cats. Pictures of your cats.

North Dakota

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WWIB: 80% Successful


Ahhh you guys were so close!!! You went ahead and purchased pants and went so far as to put them on and even got them like 80% of the way up too! Ahhh, keep trying guys, we’ll get there.


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