Dancin’ Mood


Afro Star!!!! I was wondering how this week could get any better!!! We started the week off with a Hall of Famer in Willy the Pimp and end it with another in Afro Star. Sometimes the Gods smile upon us. Talk about some epic book ends there baby! I’m playing the lottery.

North Carolina

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Candy Is Dandy But Swine Is Fine!


Wait what? I don’t even know what you’re protesting. I mean, I know what all three of those words mean, but I highly doubt someone in the Walton family is in a dark barn somewhere with jumper cables hooked up to some pig’s nipples. Sure they probably buy from factories that do it but to be fair, have you tasted bacon? I’d torture my mother if it meant delicious bacon could be enjoyed.

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Going Down


Someone tell little Eminem here that he should stop losing himself in his own ass in public.


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WWIB: Gas Tank For A Sex Machine


Ladies, we all know you can’t resist the urge to jump in the sack with a guy who has a creative t-shirt on suggesting some action, so I need to ask you – which of these two are you going home with? Do you wanna toss back a few brews with Mr. Bandana or go on a mustache ride?


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