Diaper Dandies

adult diapers

That’s a good look darlin’! Make people have to really think about which one of you looks better in a diaper. Smart and sexy!


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His & Hers


Awww, how cute is it seeing matching couples? Because without matching outfits it is very difficult to really see how far down his balls are in her purse.

Nevada & North Carolina

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Ol’ Red Eyes


I can’t figure out which is worse; that car or the amount of time invested in proactively making it look that shitty!


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WWIB: Jam Session


Anyone who wears jammies over the age of 4 is not cute. That’s a fact. Notice I didn’t even limit that to “wear jammies in public”. I mean period. The only reason they should even be made in an adult size is in the off chance the kid from¬†Jack¬†needs some PJs.


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