It’s The Monopoly Guy


I’ll give them credit, playing Monopoly is one hell of a way to kill lots of time while waiting for a new PS4. Now I’m gonna take that credit right back when I say there really is no sale good enough for me to wait all night in line for. PS4s, Xbox, black Friday, F all that noise. Unless Mercedes Benz is having a buy one get one free sale I’ll save myself the time and energy.


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Stroking The Cocks


PoWM headquarters reside in South Carolina so we know all about big cocks hanging around Walmart, but we figured the rest of the country just doesn’t quite grasp the amount and size of cocks everywhere. You can’t miss them. They’re just always right in your face. Cocks everywhere…..cocks.

South Carolina

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WWIB: Red ‘Til I’m Dead


I’m sure there are a million red-hot jokes you guys could come up with, but what I really want to know is which one you’d want to throw into a ring with a bull.

Illinois & New York

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X-Ray Vision


If I could have one super power I think x-ray vision would definitely be my pick or at the very least in the top 3 options. My biggest hesitation is the fact that with my luck, my super powers would be too strong and I would surpass seeing a nice fleshy booty and right into the bones and muscles. Totally defeating the purpose!! Anyway, which see-through do you guys prefer? Also, what would your super power be?


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