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It’s just so damn literal. My gut says not everyone will find this funny, but my sense of humor says I don’t care because they should.


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Ahhh what the shit? Apparently the only thing lower than the prices are your sense of decency and self-worth. I hate to be the employee that gets called to the cleanup on that aisle from the creeper with a greasy mustache that you know is behind the camera lens.


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Caption Contest!


I’m curious what blew this guy’s mind! So I’ll let  you guys tell me what goes on in the mind of a mullet for a CAPTION CONTEST!! Winner gets to start their 2014 off right with one of our new People of Walmart page-a-day 2014 Calendars.


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WWIB:Big Girls Don’t Cry


We’ve got ourselves a battle of big girl panty wearin’ ladies in this edition of “Who Wears It Better?”. Normally I’d pick the girl not in a motorized cart but history leaves me having a hard time betting on the stars and bars to win anything. Ehhh ohhh! Go ahead and take “Monday Morning Civil War Joke” off the board, it’s just been conquered.


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