Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba-na-na-na


Ahhhhhh it’s so fluffy!!!! I love Despicable Me so I’d get super excited to see these two Minions rolling back some prices with me. How about you guys?

New York

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Story Time


I feel your pain lady. Sometimes I think Walmart has 30 lanes just to show you that it could be fast and convenient to check out but would rather make you and everyone else wait in line at the 4 lanes that are open and always seem to be manned by the slowest human beings allowed by law.

New Hampshire

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Would You Like To Pet The Kitty?


The extremely popular infatuation with Hello Kitty is something I’ll never understand. But whatever, the real issue at hand is if I were to force you to chose to pick between driving that car the rest of your life or getting that tattoo which would you choose? Also, is that a DarthVader/Hello Kitty hybrid tattoo?


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Over The Shoulder


In case of emergency, toss those puppies up over your shoulders and use them as a life preserver.


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