WWIB: Battle Of The Biscuits


It’s a battle of bottom biscuits in what I think is also a battle of the sexes? I’m not really 100% sure the one in the backpack is a dude, but let’s be real here, that outfit doesn’t work well on any human being so it doesn’t matter.

Florida & Hawaii

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Shirtless & Shameless


When you have bodies like this, it’s almost a crime to wear a shirt. I mean, who doesn’t love a lower back hair tramp stamp?

South Carolina

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Always Low Prices


Ri-DONK-ulously low prices mo-fo!….Also, where is the PeopleOfWalmart donk? Let’s get on that people!


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There’s Something About Magda


Holy mother of mercy. You just pulled off a spot-on Magda from There’s Something About Mary of epic proportions!


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