Victoria’s Secrets Revealed


What’s the point of having underwear on if the world doesn’t even know you’re wearing them? These fine ladies are forward thinkers I say. I’m tired of spending my good money on some stylish undies only for them to go unnoticed. Who’s with me?!?!…nobody? Ok, nevermind then.


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I’m Here For The Party


Attention shoppers, we have a special on parties located in every frickin’ aisle this dude goes in!!!!!

North Carolina

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Arrested For What?!?!


HA! Ok, when you come down from your incredible level of disbelief and disgust in humanity let me know which one you think is worse.


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Locked & Loaded


That will certainly deter anyone thinking about breaking into your car. I know I wouldn’t go near it now just because I’d assume you also have a bear trap on the seat cushion or something. Maybe our friends over at whitetrashrepairs.com could help let us know where this security system ranks in their books.


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