What The F?


Do you constantly have a group of little people harassing your legs? Well show ’em who’s boss with your own custom “Fuck Off” tattoo! They scare easy!


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The Spring Breaker


Dear lady, I like your butt. It’s a very nice butt and I thank you for sharing. However, while I assume there are plenty of other people who share my admiration of your booty, I have no doubts that there are plenty of others who do not…at least not in Walmart in the middle of the afternoon with children around. Thumbs up at the beach, thumbs down at Wally World. Good day.


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Where’s Fabio?


Ohhh so elegant and seductive…I feel like your bottom biscuits are posing for a sexy book cover for one of those corny paperback romance novels your mom buys at the grocery store.


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Bras Are For Boobies


Now that is a full on side titty! Wowzer! Thanks for knowing how much we would all love to see that sagging bag of fun and providing us with that window for us to enjoy.


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