Meesa Jar Jar Binks!


I’m not a die hard Star Wars fan but I’ll be honest I’m looking forward to the new trilogy they are making. Mainly because I get some sort of weird enjoyment out of die-hard Star Wars fans getting legitimately crushed in disappointment when their movies get ruined. Isn’t that right Jar Jar Binks?


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WWIB: Inverse Equation


We’ve got ourselves a little inverse battle here for “Who Wears It Better?” Clearly white and teal are this summer’s hottest colors, but which of these two has stretched it to the limits the best?


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Who Wears It Breast?


For a while there I’ll admit I was young and naive believing any sort of cleavage was good cleavage. Boy how the past few years have greatly changed my mind and showed me the light.

West Virginia

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I Believe Him Yo


I feel like these two are just having their own argument in a little battle of the inappropriate shirt. Two wrongs don’t make a right people.


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